Yamaha Riders Do It Better and Riz K5 Racing at Bulldog Bash August 2007

Finally got these scanned up some nice memmorys to look back at :slight_smile: these are at Bulldog bash August 2007 just a few pics to show you :wink:

did that suzuki win then :D:hehe:

who won clint?

you or lee?


in all fairness lads i only won about 5 or 6 races against Lee

Lee’s advantages was the day before we went there he had his mate service his bike and he had quick throttle done to his and he has a full Exhaust on his

mine desperatly needed full exhaust as his started to kick in from 3rd gear i almost had him most times untill he stepped in to that gear, i then rodehis Rizla on the drag strip and felt the difference with his quick throttle and exhaust and can confirm it was alot better response in mid range i topped his bike 142 through the 1/4 mile point and finished it to 178mph on his bike ,

on my bike had Slightly less response than his in mid range, but can confirm regardless the issues we were all the time with in a second of each other sometimes 0.2 of a second wait till next time i guarentee i show lee what my Yammy can do !!! :smiley:

all in total we were 10.1 -10.3 seconds Average through the 1/4 mile point in total that was not bad ,But can say the srads and fireblades looses against our bikes full stop as we chose are victims to race aswell

and they were like

The fireblade only got 120mph through the marker made him look silly then he wouldn’t come back on the strip :smiley:

Very nice pics :slight_smile: I’d like to have a go at that. Though I wonder how long my clutch would last!

You Should do it we should organize a get together some time and have a stroll up there Sometime, its a hell of alot of fun , only cost us £5.00 Per day not bad , Clutch shouldn’t bea problem mabee your rear tyre might be :smiley: but all in it’s well worth doing again especially the fun you get out of it!!!

I actually have Video of all this aswell not too Sure if i have hosted them on LB :ermm:

cool. Thats a hell of a quick time for a production bike.

Put them on Youtube, and then ‘embed’ them in a post here :slight_smile:

A ride-out could be a good idea!

I’m up for it Jay

here you go here’s the video hope it shows ok … :wink:

YRDIB and RIZ K5 racing on the Shakespeare Race Course at Bulldog

Keep an eye out the last Couple of Races lee chose to race a SRAD and i chose to race a Fireblade we beat there asses :smiley:

looks good…game on:)

Looking forward to it already will try and get Some info on there dates ect… and then see when will be the best time for us … :smiley: