Yamaha Releases R25 250cc in Indochina

but it looks like we’ll be getting the R3. http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/yamaha-trademark-yzf-r3/

considering how good the R125 is, I have high hopes for this

giggles and claps to self

Also did a little fart

F*ck you @TheOc :laugh:

If you like to ride roads with a lot of twisties and tight hairpins etc I reckon you would have a lot more fun on smaller capacity sportsbikes like these than the bigger guns - the performance charachteristics and sharp handling of these smaller bikes are a perfect fit for these scenarios.

I would definitely be interested in owning a 250/300 sportsbike in addition to a larger capacity machine.

I just learned just now about the existence of the R3… I actually feel sick with excitement… has anyone been on one yet?

don’t think they’re released in the UK yet.

I’ve still got my ninja250 for sale!
Needs a good home.

@ me_groovy, they are in stock in Yamaha Woodford… I will go there on Tues…
@ Nic, how much are you asking for/what mileage?

lol year old thread!!

Yeah, the pleasures of a search function rather than starting a brand new thread :slight_smile: