Yamaha RD 350 '87 YPVS

Bike is in very good condition
Approx. price 1600 pounds NEGOTIABLE.
0740 533 8788 Luiza.

what country is this bike in looks like somewhere hot lol

The photos were taken while the bike was back home in Romania.It’s hot only during summer, in winter, believe me…it’s damn cold.
I’ll post new ones in a couple of days.

i believe the bike is in derby now.

matching frame and engine numbers?


around the 60bhp figures give or take a few depending on age and condition of the engine…a very lively 2 stroke classic

@Columbo, RD’s have a special place in history and for good reason, they were light and fast for their time :slight_smile: they are now a “cult bike”, enthusiasts call them “Elsie” which comes from LC (RD LC 350 ).

Thats a sexy bike and I WANT IT!

But I need to restrict it to 33bhp :frowning:

I’m not sure if you can, because it’s a two stroke and they’re very different. It’s a lovely bike just as it is, the kick start is just awesome.

I’ll do some asking.

I’m saving for a test at the moment so if this thing could be restricted i’d be really happy…

Any bike can be restricted . You just stop the thottle from opening properly . Get a certificate of proof from a dealer … Who I dont think even has to check its only got 33bhp … I think as far as I can tell from seeing it done ,Its only gotta look like it does . Someone can maybe confirm or deny that ?

I checked the info again, so no matching numbers , the frame is the 27hp restricted German version but the engine is a 59 or 63hp version. Maybe there is a way to register the bike as restricted :stuck_out_tongue:

Bike just got an MOT yesterday

1300 pounds slightly negotiable!!!

Is it in your living room? :w00t:

Hmmmm - nice to see this bike - very nostalgic. I remember when the LC’s were introduced. In those days the learner legal bikes were 250’s and Yamaha bought out the RD250LC - which was MUCH faster than the typical Honda 250 Superdream or whatever was the standard in those days. Countless LCs were written off by the inexperienced riders performing unintended wheelies straight into the back of buses and trucks. Ahhh - happy days!

nope, it’s got a full power engine, a 31k!

was, we took it apart for cleaning/checking then put it back together and passed the MOT
now it’s in the garden, under a cover, waiting …

still for sale, 1300 negotiable

1100 pounds last price

still available?