Yamaha R7 - racebred exotica for 14k

I also love how this thread has just proved to me that pricing strategies work… :smiley:

£14,999 becomes 14K on this thread :smiley:

F*ck - I didn’t notice that either . . . :smiley:

On second thoughts - this isn’t my fault godamit! :angry:

It’s Yamahas fault! - they should have confined the R7 name to the original 500 homologated 750’s.

Instead of muddying the waters like this - instead of calling it the R1/7 they should have called it the RR1 or something . . . bastards . . . :smiley:

By the way according to matt’s post it’s the R7/1 not R1/7 :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Jesus wept! - thanks Serrisan! - just pile on the humiliation and disgrace why don’t you! :angry::smiley:


i knew my expensive taste wouldnt fail me.

Matt, always happy for you to teach me anytime. :smiley:

hmm, maybe I can fit a zx7 subframe to my zx9 for the same effect :rolleyes::Whistling:

Still wouldnt buy one. R7/1, R7, R1

pfft :hehe:

You’d only end up with another none working bike.

well, it’s not like it could work any worse than it already is :stuck_out_tongue: