Yamaha R7 - racebred exotica for 14k


old, dated, fugly. Waste of money

Some could say the same about yours lew lew

That is an iconic bike and well worth the money.

Beautiful piece of machinery.

Maybe the R7 will be in 10yrs, not now. its ‘too young’ ??

you have no taste thats why you have an aprilia :stuck_out_tongue:

anywho, i stumbled across this stunning machine while i was fishing for another R6 on ebay. it went to portugal as ‘buy now’ for 15k.

never even knew such bike existed. i havent stopped thinking about it since. top of the lottery spending list. :laugh:

Well from what I read a while ago, you need to buy the optional race pack, then it changes it into something exceptional.

Yep - the 750 OW02 is an iconic bike!

14 k is cheap for a bike like this - it’s a special bike - it was homologated to only 500 bikes and Yamaha wouldn’t even sell you one unless you were going to race it!

I know 750’s fell out of favour in the late 90’s (apart from GSXR natch) but I’m suprised they didn’t put an affordable less trick version of the R7 into wider production - it would have sold on looks alone and would easily have competed with the GSXR 750.

Err, that’s not an R7 it’s someone’s tarted up R1 with R7 bodywork stuck on!

Looks like some poor sap with more money than sense is going to get ripped off…

Are you serious! :crazy::w00t:

F*CK yeah! This pic is (i think) a real R7 - look at the frame - it’s different! :w00t:

That’s an R1 frame on that ‘R7’!

Well spotted Pat! :blush:

You’re catching on… :wink:

Brilliantly spotted mate! :smiley:

Maybe wrong but shouldn’t this be reported?

ebay link

this looks even cheaper…:w00t:

but should be the real deal.

Pat? :smiley:

Appears to be the real deal for the chassis, but it doesn’t come with the original engine as it’s been replaced with a R1 lump.

Probably makes for a better bike to ride/trackday, but ruins it as a bike you could ride & then flog on after a few years at a profit as a classic investment.

thanks Pat.

you sure are the person i would bring with me to buy one when i win the lottery.

all expenses paid.


Oh fck - this replica R7 thing sent a few alarm bells ringing - I’ve just stepped outside and taken a look at my ZX7R - turns out it’s actually a Honda fcking C90! :angry: :smiley:

clearly you people dont know what you are looking at

it is not an R7, or an R1 with bodged on bodywork.

it is an R7/1 which was made in even less numbers than the R7. it was a small run project that was officially endorsed by yamaha, and came with a full factory warranty.
it is an R1 frame and engine, with the frame modified to take an R7 subframe. full race spec running gear, and in the hands of a certain mr dave jefferies won at the isle of man.

easily worth the 14k, as it is the real deal. (unlike the R7 itself that when it came out, had less power than an R6 and needed the £20k race kit fitted before it worked.

happy to provide the lesson to you all :wink:

Your right - I started this thread thinking I was reasonably knowledgeable about motorbikes
At the end of the thread I am under the clear impression that I don’t know what I am looking at! :smiley:
p.s. - I’m not being sarcastic - I have never heard of the R1/7 until now. :blush: