Yamaha R6

Does the pillion seat look rather uncomfortably small in comparison to other sportbikes? pls tell me if i’m wrong because i’m thinking of getting this bike.

do you plan to ride it from the pillion seat?

lol…that would be another way to grab attention and be very popular around the blue sirens! :smiley:

I’ve never been a pillion on my bike, my friends have told me it’s ok for short (to the shops) trips. A pillion was an after thought for this bike and most sports bikes.

I usually ride around with the seat cowl on, because i’m selfish and do not want to share :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been pillion on my R6 and its not that uncomfortable.

which shape r6?

ive got 05 and pillion seat feels fine. Better than my old hornet anyhow!

what!!??!? really? :blink:

ya! the 2001 hornet seat is an all in one and pillion kept bashing into me. R6 is a nice flat separate seat, more gel too!

Mine’s an 06, so the newer ‘minimal’ seat. It’s not too bad depending on what type of trousers you’ve got on. I find if I’m in jeans or anything thinner it hurts after like half an hour, but in leathers it’s alright for as long as it takes for your legs to go dead and your knees to seize up.

haha its not really the in there for the ‘pillion bike of the year’ award!

it has to be scary if u not use to it