Yamaha R6 stolen NW London Sat night

On sat evening i parked my bike in a locked yard around from my house.got up in the morn, the door wide open an bike gone.it could be just a coincidence but i had it advertised on gumtree an give my address out twice to prospective viewers.one of them came to view it twice, rang me after the second time that night and said his mate was going to buy it the next day(sat 21st may).next day he rang me says hel be there in 20 mins.I went got the bike out of the yard and parked it out front of the house.i sat around all evening and no word.sent a message to see if he was coming and no reply.i put the bike back in the yard roughly abot 9 that night and locked up.
Next morning BIKE GONE.
Police said i cant make accusations.the officer in the station didnt seem to bothered about doing anything.i can see why this type of theft is so popular cause unless there caught red handed, the law wont chase them.

But this could all be a big coincidence.

If anyone sees or comes across my bike your help would be much appreciated.theres two destint marks, one the top of the tail near the brake light theres a mark scratched to the black paint underneath, second, theres a small crack on the lower fairing on the exhaust side.

Looks like im back to the push bike for a while

Reg WX 04 ACY


are you fully comp or are you going to lose a ton of cash :frowning:

Sorry to hear m8 but it is a good lesson in if you sell a bike do it from a different address so any thief will not know where you keep it or wot security you have.

lovely looking bike, that sucks!

Hopefully insurance will pay out for you nice and quick so you can get another one :slight_smile:

sorry to here mate

Third Party Fire and Theft is the usual route, would be surprising to be Third party only these days.

Still crappy news, though the copper is right you can’t make accusations, they should still investigate the situation using the numbers you have provided, the guy might have turned up had a look at the bike and decided not to buy it, and while there seen something which he thought was dodgy.

That is how I would describe it to the police in an effort to get them to investigate.

Though it is legally the case that the police are free to investigate or not investigate any crimes as they deem fit.

Thieving scum!

good point, it would be covered by any insurance policy. It may be a blessing in disguise, when my first bike was stolen, I wanted to sell it anyway and what they paid out for it was a very fair price, saved me the hassle of selling it and I just paid an extra £300 and got a bike that was 3 years newer and my insurance only went up by £100 the following year. But I had paid for excess insurance as well so that I wasnt out of pocket on the excess. good luck mate x