Yamaha R6 RE07 VGY

Hi guys,

absolutely gutted to find my pride and joy stolen today. It’s a Yamaha R6 with a custom paintjob, santander. It’s a 2007 model with reg RE07 VGY. Please keep a look out, was stolen from Embankment outside of Savoy hotel. I left it at 08:30 in the morning and came back at 19:15 to find it missing. I’ve reported it to the police. :crying:

Here’s a picture.


I just bought matching coloured helmet and boots this weekend too :crying:

that is a f*cker m8, tidy looking bike too.

you sure not taken away by parking twats? just a thought cos of the amount of time parked etc.

Someone saw it: http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic750852-58-1.aspxHope they find it Raquib.

Dude, gutted for ya. I rode past it everyday and thought it was yours just from your avatar pic…

How the hell can someone walk it from the Embankment, over Westminster Bridge without getting nicked, let alone stopped…

What a **** take.

Hope it works out dude.

Sorry to hear this - really hope they catch them :angry:

bad news dude…

Blimey, with a nice bike like that you might as well have reported it stolen the moment you left it parked in the street, unchained to anything :w00t:

Very sorry to hear this, I hope it turns up.

Have pm’d you my moby number, I might be able to help prevent this happening again if you are prepared to walk a little bit to/from the bike :wink:

I will be writing to Westminster, Met Police and the Mayor as they so totally need to pull their fingers out and give us something to lock our bikes up to :frowning:


you might think a bike with non standard paint job would be safer as panels would be harder to shift…

Nice bike too:(


Gutted for you, put it on babt, and keep an eye on ebay as if those panels come up they will be easy to find!

Really sorry to hear this - yet another theft. Good luck on getting it back or sorting a replacement once the insurance is sorted.

Sorry to hear this Raq.

Hope it all gets sorted soon.

Gutted for you mate. Scumbags

Where was it parked? Was it secured?

Sorry to hear this mate. As someone has already mentioned, this was spotted by an LBer yesterday and some cops on foot-patrol were on the case. Have you spoken with the local cop shop?

Gutted to hear another one gone fella.

Was it just in the bay or attached to somert ?

It was in a bay last seen at 2:20pm then again around 3:30pm by mykkk on here.

Sorry to hear this Raquib. I know how you feel, utterly gutted. Hope you get it back in one piece.

Gutted for ya Raquib, that’s a loverly bike!

Sorry to hear this and hope its found.