Yamaha R6 2007 : Broken down....😠

I paid 5g’s for it. Well chuffed. only 1700miles and spotless mint bike. Not even run in. He never took it above 9thou revs. :slight_smile:

its a shockin design. the battery and connector area was soaked and sitting in water.

Oh well. Normally i can shoot the hos at it all day and its fine. Glad it was a cheap easy fix! :smiley:

I know Mel, it was from my personal collection too! Its now got all grit and muck in it, gonna be interesting when i come to use…:wink:

I’ve got the single seat cowl on all the time and have no problems and mine is a 2007 model as well.

How did you know it hadn’t been over 9000 revs? I paid £4.6k from a dealer back in Dec 2008. When did you buy yours and was it from trade? Just curious.

that’s good to know as a single seat cowl is on the list for mine.

Bloke was a friend of mine. He was so scared on it. Passed on friiday, picked this up on the saturday. Furthest he rode was 40miles to his ex wifes house. I bought it private off him. Jan 2009. So yeah i may have been able to push him down a little, but didnt. It was insurance pay out for my cbr rr that got stolen.

Seat cowl i dont think lets in the water, where the rear pegs go through is main area i found. Seat cowl is good, only little down fall, it scuffs the panel at the front. but polsihes out usually

I’ve taken the rear pegs off and got some plugs for the holes left afterwards.

Did he not test ride it before he bought it? I find it hard to understand people who buy a bike and then get scared afterwards…

id be pissed! tis bad design, at least you know whats causing the problem, Vasaline and WD40 should keeo it at bay, i had a scoot once that used to let water in, cut out halfway acoss a 4 way x junction once!:w00t: i WD40’ed that bastard up every week:D

go easy on the clutch you savage:D:w00t::wink:

Nope…lol :w00t:

Savage??? How did you guess??? :smiley:

I had the cbr125r, bought the 600rr new an hour after passing DAS. Didn’t test ride it, not sure a dealer would have let me, with no licence to hand… (they take it off you and shred it when you pass)
Was a bit scary… learnt to love it though… :smiley:

where did you get the plugs for the holes mate?

The J&S dealer gave them to me when I serviced my bike with them as they had them lying around. I couldn’t choose colour unless I wanted to buy some.

Now you’ve moved on to a blade! Hope you test rode that one. :wink:

I did test ride the blade… but as i only have 3000 miles experience on a bike, I doubt the test ride made much difference :slight_smile:

Very Annoying Update

Looks like my issues weren’t that easy to fix.

Had it on optimate all night, started first time. sorted (i thought)

Got to work, stayed for a few hours, Came to come home, bike started ok, but a mile down road started playing up. clocks dying and fading etc. Then cut out. Stuck on M25 hardshoulder junction 4!


Got it home after 2half hours (pushed along hard shoulder) :w00t:

Im guessing the charging system not working??
How/where can I check?

HELP please…again :frowning:

  • 1 never had any issues with mine, she is 2003 had from new and done over 30k miles, she is very well looked after and kept in garage and cleaned often.

i just think i have been unlucky. In garage on Weds for a few bits to sort.

All sorted very soon i hope…