Yamaha R6 2007 : Broken down....😠

Hi all,

Was on my way home from work last night, a bit of rain but nothing i havent riden in or experienced before. Heading down a very dangrous country lane, my dash and all electrics went off. Bike still running. Then the headlight was flickering on and off, still no dash lights or rear light.

I managed another 300yards before the whole thing died on me. Silly fly by wire electric throttle gave me no control or anything.

So there i am stuck, middle of dangerous lane, pitch black…:w00t: Managed to quickly push it onto a drive and knocked on the doo. Guy couldnt hav been more nicer, hot cup of tea and a general discussion putting the world to right standing in his porch. (massive thanks to the guy for his help/life advice and boiling hot tongue scalding tea)

Time passed and i tried my luck. Bingo. All lit up and i rode away. Made it 3 miles and it died on the A21.

1half hours waiting for recovery. Got home around 1am. Gutted.

Yet another thing wrong with the R6. Such terrible build quality, i really wish i had a Honda 6rr or balde.

Anyway. Error 46 on the dash along with error 50.

Any clues??

Water in electrics? Dodgy connection? Rectifier? new battery in Jan 10.

Help would be much appreciated…

check battery connections are tight …

especially seeing new battery fitted recently …

may of not been tight and vibration has loosened them and contact is made now and again …

true, good shout. Seems odd that i ride it every day but when it rained and it was pouring down in Biggin Hill last night, is the time it decides…GAME OVER

I shall check when i get in! cheers

Sorry I didnt have my phone on me last night Lewis, i would have come and given you a car to shelter in while you waited.

Your R6 is lovely but it doesn’t matter how many ‘pity’ posts you make, i aint swapping bikes :smiley: Now drop it.

(hope you get the error messages sorted…) Someone on here will know… Lb is the fountain of knowledge… :wink:

Plastic bag over the clocks:hehe:

Must have a been a real sh*tter mate, your bike’s telling you it doesn’t like water, a bit like a cat! lol

Hope it gets sorted soon :slight_smile:



See? How quick was that? Wicked!! :P:P

wow brilliant cheers TimR.

Gotta get home and start playing…:wink:

I can feel a long night in the shed coming up!! Hopefully its a simple, loose connection, leaking rear light (had issues last year with it filling up with water…hmmm…mind in overload now)

Thanks mate!

Mel drop me round a dominos please!!!

Order: texas bbq half. Pepperoni half, chicken strippers, potato wedges and err…ICE CREAM!

Ill sort you out with coffee! :hehe:

Never had any issues with my R6, how unreliable is yours as you mentioned a few issues/

hmmm. Unrealiable… Kinda just needs abit of money spent on it all at once.

new cam chain tensioner, fork seal popped last sunday, electric issues for a little while on and off. strange engine noise at high revs, front brake reserviour burst/leaked, blew a battery, clutch went at xmas, err…

a few more. i understand some of it is general wear and tear, just all seems to happen at once. The build quality i have found when working on her is shocking. Had Honda 600rr before and it was brillaint quality and felt really well made.

Makes me worried about mine. Had her for about 16 months and no problems. Also a 2007 model. Bought with 6k on the clock and i’ve done 10k.

they reckon cam chain tensioner goes about 12-15 thou. im on 12thou. All Yam dealers i have spoken to know the issues with the R6 and electrics. Its been ok, just littel niggels and this big issue last night.

Front fork seal was worn out slightly by me and my wheelie fetish, but it popped other week out with Mel, smashed hard into a pothole, no chance of missing it, oil everywhere.

I spend alot of time in the summer, greasing, oiling and general maintanence on it cos i bought it second hand, 1700miles, mint condition! but started working on it and found very littel axle grease, and lubing etc all over the bike.

In terms of the clutch. comes down to wheelie abuse too. But it went at 10thou, standard life is about 12-14thou apparently.

So not too bad, just alot of meny seems to be needed to chuck at it at once. Frustrating as this money was meant for a blade!!

I take it you wheelie using the clutch rather than the throttle hence why more wear and tear on the clutch?

depends what gear im in and what girl i wannna impress walking at the side of the road :w00t::smiley:

I have ice cream in my freezer… yummmm, sorry…no can do with the pizza… :smiley:

had a code 46 on my r1 last year. genny had decided that it wanted to chew itself.

sounds like you’ve just been a bit unlucky with your ride


Got home last night adn set to work. Took the seat and rear section off. The battery and wiring hareness area was drenched. all connectors filled with water.
I learnt very early on in life that water and electricity don’t mix! :smiley:

I was glad to find the water and set about drying her out. AF50 and lots of WD40 later along will lashings of vaseline on all connectors I was ready to go.

She started first time after being on optimate over night.

All holes/large panel gaps and water letting in problem areas have been sorted.

Thanks for all the advice and direction pointing :smiley:

Ahhhhhh, Vaseline… A man’s best friend :D:w00t:

I hope some of the issue’s were sorted for the '08 model. touch wood since I’ve owned it (sept '09 with 750 miles on the clock) nothing has ever gone wrong (4.5k miles on the clock now).
do you have a single seat cowl on instead of the passenger seat? could it be that these leak and allow water through?

how much did you pay for your R6!?

a lil bit of water and it stops working!! jeeeeeeeeeeez…BAD design that.

i can soak my bike with a hose and it makes bugger all diffrence!!