Yamaha R1 Stolen

Sorry. You misunderstood what I was saying. Im not blaming you at all. Its not your fault some scumbag took it. What I meant is even the smallest disc lock which will fit under the rear seat should deter the oportunist theif. Unfortunately the city is not somewhere worth risking leaving a desirable bike without a lock.

Sorry, I agree with you.
BTW the bike had a disc lock with an alarm. I guess a big solid chain to a ground anchor is the only deterrent and tracker is the only fail safe way of retrieving your bike

Really?? Thats funny they tried for it then. Normally they leave them well alone. Regarding the tracker, its not always the case. Rixxy had his HP4 stolen and if I remember correctly the bike had a tracker and it was never recovered.

Oh I was in Munich another big city (granted not as big as London) not a single bike had a chain or disc lock on it, some not even steering lock. Harley’s BMW’s everything just sitting on payments unsecured. It must be nice not to have to worry about your pride and joy being stolen. No there aren’t cameras everywhere. Whatever they’re doing would be interesting to find out because we could really do with some advice here.

@Changyammi, that’s what I’m talking about. Why the germans can have peace of mind and we can’t?

Having a tracker is no guarantee, but it’s the last line of defence which does get some results (and of course it needs to be immobilised and ideally covered). Sounds like thieves with a van. Easy to lift them up and put them in a van, even with an alarm going off. I’ve seen it myself. A real shame fella.

I wonder how much it costs for councils to install ground anchors all accross the bike bays of London It can’t be more expensive than assigning human resources to prevent bike theft only.

The problem is that if you use the bike to commute or as a way to get around the city, unless you have a scooter, you can’t carry a cover, a strong chaing and disc lock easily… I wish I could have a nice garaje with a strong door and several bikes inside for different purposes (an R1 for track days and weekend blasts a GS for long trips an ugly CB for daily use…) sadly that’s not the case for most of us, we have the right to have a nice bike without getting paranoid constantly. One day some bike owner will catch a thieve red handed, will go crazy, break his skull with whatever and the story will make it to the news, then maybe the government will take action

I hate to say it but when I see bays with anchors, hardly any of them are being used. I just don’t get it. Education regarding bike theft is terrible. We’ve been raving about it for years though I think there’s still more we could be doing as a community. I want to bring back the Stolen Vehicle Database (SVD) to help raise awareness.

Yeah but you don’t really want to fuck about with the German plod now do you :smiley: :smiley:

In Germany it’s different story, cops are getting %of value from insurance company if they recover stolen car/bike. That’s why police is vicious there if smth gets stolen. It’s a win win situation if bike/car gets nicked, insurance has to pay just small % instead 100% of market value and officers get extra bonus. Other good thing compared to UK is very little level of corruption.

they should implement that system worldwide!!

That doesn’t seem quite right somehow. Prioritising crime investigations based on financial gain? Is it a public service, or is it a commercial service? I’d argue it can’t be both!

Thieving sum. You may want to try cctv in area shops etc .
Good luck

Mate, that was 10 months ago :slight_smile: