Yamaha R1 58 plate for Sale

Yamaha R1 for sale…58 plate

You may be aware that yamaha never made this model R1 in white and black…the stickers have been professionally done to the standard R1 decals but in differant colours…this bike is one of a kind.

It has never been out in the wet let alone on a track…has over £2k’s worth of extras including

FULL Akro System, Gilles Vcr rearsets, pazzo shorty levers, power commander, race filter, datatool alarm, R&G bungs, single seat cowl, integrated indicator/brake light, tail tidy…

It has done 7k miles(Full Yamaha service history, 6k service done in sept) and new bsb rear tyre 60 miles ago

I want £7k for it with all the bits on.

PM me if you are interested


Lovely looking machine mate. Wish I could afford the insurance on a litre sportsbike.

I’m thinking about selling some of the bits seperately on the bike so if anyone has an 07/08 R1 and wants any of the goodies pm me and we can discuss price…

Also if you want the bike and need it to be a bit cheaper let me know what you want to pay for it as a standard bike.


Bloody IE8 & its issues! Posts never work grrr

Try again!

I wasn’t looking at getting another R1, but seeing this has made me think! :wink:

I do have my eye on this GSXR:
but it is only 07 model, where I was ideally looking to get a 08 or 58 plate.

If I change my mind, I’ll give you a buzz (though I’d want it as it, and change the colour scheme to Black & Red) :stuck_out_tongue:


My last post didn’t work, but now updated. - Change the bike colour, not the leathers :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if you talking about wanting my bike in red cos if you were i still have the red front mudguard, front and rear seats

Really … I’d actually paint it Black with Red accents

Seriously thinking about it now. I did have my eye on PJ’s 1098, but he has already traded it! … If only i was a day earlier.

Naah - another red & black R1 will suit you better - match your hair too:P

hehe - You saying a Red Ducati wouldn’t match my hair (or personality)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok mate…let me know if you want it.

Will do, just calling someone about their GSXR …I’ll PM you, if I want to view yours. :wink:

Mate it was on here for nearly 2 months:w00t:

Good luck with your next purchase.


I will now be selling the bike as it is shown here, it has single seat cowl fitted but has had R&G bungs fitted since this pic

I’m after £6,250 for it…let me know

Bike is now SOLD…i still have all the accessories for sale, full akro system, gilles vcr sets, pazzo shorty levers, pcIII power commander, R&G bungs…pm me with sensible offers

Congrats on the Sale

Always a sad moment when it rides away.

PM sent

yeah, sad day…can’t wait to get my new toy though.

Guess the sale sadly went through if not i may be interested in the whole package