Wonder if anybody knows anyone or seen these kits advertised for sale anywhere.They were very limited -220 if im not mistaken with a huge price tag of £2K released mid 2007. If brand spanking new im willing to pay the £2000 RRP price. Ive looked all over the internet for it and ended up finding them on an Ameirican website. Dont really want to deal with customs and with the £ at its lowest changing money at the current rate is not a good idea. I want to keep the original fairings so a PAINT JOB is not an option.

Found on here on the US website : http://www.motorcycletoystore.com/sport/shop.php/motorcycle-undertails/bodywork/fiat-yamaha-team-replica-body-kits-yamaha-r1-2007-2008-/p_2351.html



I stumbled upon this ( http://www.motocc.co.uk/acatalog/Yamaha_YZF-R1_2007_-_2008.html) while looking for the kit. After researching the company, ive found out that the plastics have been imported from Hong Kong and are made to order. Quite a few people have been dis-appointed with the quality and fit. So if anyone has used this company and has a good review of it please let me know.

I bought one from a dealer for my 07 R1, Some dealers may still have them hiding in a dark corner, try Brian Gray in High Wycombe, a long shot, but worth a phone call
Pics of mine

Thanks bud, will be on the phone first thing tomorrow. By the way- did you have any fitment issues? How long did it take you to get them fitted on the bike?

This ebay seller is awesome.

My mate got MotoGP ZXRR fairings for his ZX-6R and the quality of the bodywork and paint in particular were as good if not better than the Kawasaki originals.


Sounds good for what you get. Its advertised as 170 GBP plus 145 GBP in postage which is still good, BUT- he mentions customs is my responsibility. Now reading that made me think twice as I dont have a clue how much customs would cost if I did buy it and got it shipped from Hong Kong!

ring customs and ask how much the import tax is. something that large they’ll probably catch you out with

I believe import tax is 5%, then VAT at standard rate on top…so add around 25%

I contacted the E-bayer mentioned by Afro ,I asked him wether the item would fit on the bike straight away without needing any drilling. I also asked him if he has any pictures of the kit fitted to the bike! And lastly- If I wasnt happy, what is his return policy procedure.

I recieved the following answer:

Dear josh_in2000,

I don?t have any pictures of the kit fitted to a bike. Please kindly note that is the aftermarket parts that will not fit like OEM Fitment. This fairing set has never been mounted on any bike all the holes are pre-drilled small holes. You may need to drill the same holes larger (adjust) to make them fit. We recommend you to fit by someone with installation experience or professional as you know this is not OEM fairing. A little bit modification or adjust is needed. If you have no experience in installation, you may face difficulty but for someone with experience the fitting is not a problem.
Return policy: Refunds are based in the original purchase price. Shipping charges are not refundable. Buyer is responsible for the postage cost of returned, items must be in original packaging.

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    Should I still take the plunge knowing I’m no good at drilling and simple DIY!??

find a friend who is and go for it! it may take a little work but you’re saving a huge amount anyway

No issues with fitting, didn’t expect any from factory parts, Took me a good couple of hours :smiley: but I’m a smart arse :wink: I’d steer clear of Chinese kits, they are over laquered and look cheap in comparison :w00t:

My mate had no issues with fitting either.

All fairings were pre-drilled and lined up exactly as OEM.