yamaha part stockists in london

Some plonker has knocked my dads left hand mirror off on his 05 fazer 1000 so ive tried metrolpose vauxhall, infinity, woodfood, george white hackney, slocombes and another place none have it in stock.

anyone else i could try?

West London Yamaha:w00t:

cheers pj im waiting on a call back from them.

ND im looking to get this mirror right now new and genuine yamaha ebay is full of pattern parts and lying breakers

not in stock. any more?

Motorcycle Store http://www.motorcyclestore.co.uk/ Shepherds Bush?


yet another no. its £62 so has to be ordered

EC Bate (dartford)

Brands Hatch Yamaha (err…Brands Hatch)

Blackfen Yamaha

then further afeild. Good luck

if u phone up howard and powell in east ham… they might have it… if not they phone around for u

bought quite a few bits off Ebay breakers, no probs so far.

and i used to think the same about ebay!:slight_smile:

for a mirror!:w00t:

cheers ill try them in the morning.

ebay has been a pain i went through 4 front subframes and all were said to be straight yeah right!!!

mirrors in perfect condition… nope been down the road.

things that need to be new and mint id rather buy new or see the item before i buy 9 times out of 10 theres a problem

J&S in New Malden or Lamba Motorcycles in Carshalton.

front sub-frame? teh fairing brace?..i bent mine back! lol

i suppose you are right, for quick fixes Ebay isnt too bad, but if you want genuine unmarked parts, its the delaers you have to go see.

i got few bits off Ebay, all were as described really, i got a firestorm clutch mastercylinder and lever for my SV to replace my mashed one, was in good nick, and clean too.:slight_smile:

ps you have’nt got a spare right hand SV mirror have you!?:smiley: