yamaha off road experience anyone been?

Has anybody else done this day?

any good or bad points to it?

No! Can you tell us a bit more about that mate?

Had a go a few years ago.Its a really good and convenient way to try motocross riding.Help is on hand with the instructors all the kit was supplied including the bikes and they did not mind if you fell off(which most of us did).As long as you didnt wreck the bike,there was no charge.
All this cost was about £150 if i remember correctly.Absolutely shattered at the end of the day but what a laugh.
Great for sharpening up your ridind skills and getting you bike fit.
They also offered green laningacross country with a specific route guided by instructors,so help was always at hand and the pace
is up to you.
Go for it.

I have booked up to go on friday so i will take some pictures and sling a few words together

to let anyone else know what it’s all about.

I did it a couple of months ago with some of the others in Visordown. It was a right laugh - probably the most fun I’ve had on 2 wheels. had me cancelling all thoughts of any more track days on the CBR and led to me going right out & buying a WR250. Highly recommended!! Will post up some pics tomorrow if I have time…

Took a trip there yesterday and what a great day out it is! cant belive how much my legs are aching today! really good laugh just blasting round the track learning to just let the bike get on with it underneath you,and realising that the ‘little’ 250’s had more than enough power to have you on your back side, but then jumping on the 450’s well so much power just want’s to lift the front end all the time!

I would highly recommend that everyone should have a go and come away tired but smiling as well!





That track looked great, where was it? Those jumps would keep you happy for hours no wonder your aching. looked like you left everyone behind or were there not many out on track? You didn`t say how many times you fell off either.

the track is just outside winchester, it’s the ‘tonymoto’ mx park, there is actually 3 tracks there

we just used one of the two practice tracks, the actual mx track looked a bit scary!!

with some massive jumps and table tops!

only two people out of 13 of us fell off and i was’nt one of them

i will try to get some pictures and will post them up

Hey Streetgang, that ‘tonymoto’ place, do they lend you the bike and kit as well?

There’s not much info on their website: www.tonymoto.co.uk

Is tonymoto anything to do with: http://www.yamaha-offroad-experience.co.uk/



I think that the guys that run the tony moto track are seperate from the yamaha experience guys. We booked with the yamaha off road school and they supply you with everything ,helmets,boots,gloves,knee armour,elbow armour, and of course the bikes, you can go down to the track at tony moto as they have practice days but you would have to supply all your own kit and bike.

couple of pictures of me showing off my silky skills!!!




That looks like top-fun Streetgang! I fancy a go!

It was a great day jay, you get to learn so much about riding a bike off road just feeling it slide around underneath you and just letting it get on with it and sort it’s self out.

A bit off topic this but i have just bought myself a 750 k4 like you used to have, in the best blue and white colours, cant wait to pick it up on wedensday!

Hey, nice one fella, that’s one hell of a bike Can’t wait to see the snaps. So what’s happening with the current gixxer?

At the moment i have got two i am trading in a gsxr600k3 but i also have the one in my avtar

which is a gsxr750L Slingshot, which i am going to have to sell as its just sitting in my garage at the moment