Yamaha Off Road Day 26th June - 2 Places To Fill

Me and a few mates/work colleagues have booked to do the Yamaha Off Road day in West Sussex on the 26th June but now 2 of them have dropped out after I booked their place and they didnt pay me the £75 deposit so Im out of pocket at the moment!

If anyone fancies it I’ll sell the places for £50 so you’ll save £25 off the normal price and then its £100 to pay on the day.

Full details can be found here - everything for the day is included in the price

What level are you guys at with the Off Roading?

Are you all motorcross super stars or having a laugh?

None of us have ridden a motocross bike before or done any off-roading so just a laugh really, 1 of us (my boss) hasnt ridden a motorbike for 20 years!

Hi Mark - sounds tempting. Need to check time of work etc. Please keep in touch



I would have loved to but will be in Assen watching the moto gp.
I’ll be interested to know how you got on though. Have fun. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark

Am also interested in this. I will be able to get someone else to join me as well. Just need to check with the boss (mrs!) and I will let you know.


Sounds fun- I’m interested.

Hi everyone - only just seen the replies but I’ve not had any takers for the 2 places yet so if you do want to do it let me know asap.


Ok 1 space gone - 1 left! :smiley:

You can paypal me or bank transfer the deposit - eithers fine

You will SO ENJOY this day :smiley: Went on one at Golding Barn in 2008 and it was awesome - I started off completely crap and in the end I was even doing jumps and hooning down dead man’s hill!!! I felt on a high for days afterwards, it was such fun. Really hope you have a great time :D:D

Thanks - I hope so! :smiley:

Still 1 place spare - anyone? £150 for a great day out jumping/crashing someone elses bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump - Its next Sat :slight_smile:

Hi Mark - I’ve PM’d you, and think I can join the fun



Hi Mark - I’ve sent over the deposit.

See you Saturday!


Hey all - just to let you know that Yamaha Experience down near Brighton was awesome, and thoroughly recommend. I’ll hope to be going back there again sometime soon - http://www.yamaha-schools.co.uk/

Thanks to Mark for making his spare tickets known on the forums.