Yamaha Niken

Was just perusing Yamaha’s webpage and saw this… Now clearly I’m not keeping on top of motorcycle developments. But I’m intrigued. Not my cup of tea but it does look like a technological achievement none the less.


I remember being curious when I saw the three wheeled scooter… but this is the next level! 

We had a chat about this a while ago, might help. https://londonbikers.com/forums/posts/1137755/can-we-talk-about-yamahas-mt09-tricycle 

Ah, thought I might have missed something!

Saw it at the bike show and it’s a bit of a monster. Not for me at all.

WTF !!??

Still one fugly set of wheels

Saw it yesterday at the show, it looks intimidating really

It looks very heavy to me, 263kg worth!

I could be tempted in about ten years time when I’ll be a wobbly old man.