Yamaha FZS 600 Fazer

No longer for sale


Big up big up…

This is what a Fazer SHOULD look like :smiley:

Are those R1 mirrors? I don’t want piss on your parade but it might seem a little overpriced to some people…

nope original mirrors as far as I know. Same year and slightly lower mileage are going for £1900/£2000, hence mine being £1750 ono, but I’d take £1650 from an LBer

dealer prices for a private sale…you might get lucky and get a bite or be hanging onto it for a while

good luck with the sale

Those mirrors are a foxeye model upgrade an the stainless steel downpipes are also aftermarket an good ones at that the original mild steel ones rot out .

the mirrors were on it when I got it so assumed they were original. The downpipes were replaced after the original ones pretty much rotted through. As stated the paintwork is immaculate, had a respray a couple of months ago and hasn’t been ridden since, so never seen a single bug

I’m not in too much of a rush to get rid. I’ll see how things go in the next couple of weeks

Yours is up of sale at 2 1/2 times the asking price of mine, you might have to wait a while for a buyer to show up…

Saying that though you might find someone through eBay or bike trader…

Which spray shop did you go to by the way, and were they reasonably priced?

There seems to be quite a big difference in price between 98/99 models and the 01 model not quite sure why, but I’ve noticed it on bike trader. So far it’s on a few free ad sites, I’ll give it a week or so on those and then I’ll put it on mcn/autotrader/ possibly ebay.

i know a dealer who recently bought back a very tidy looking fazer 600 with fresh paint job and lots of shiny parts he gave £600 for it after he sold it to the bloke previously for £1800


is roughly accurate at going prices of what bikes are up for…as to what they sell for is down to what your prepared to take and how set on your bike the buyer is.

buyers want bargains and sellers want every penny they can re coup :smiley:

Like I said I’m not in too much of a rush to sell as I can’t ride right now so there’s no rush for the next one either. So if it takes a bit longer to sell I’m not too bothered. If I don’t get any interest in the next few weeks I’ll consider dropping the price a bit

I’ve got those mirrors on my black fazer too.

I thought the price was a bit steep too but didn’t want to be rude

price dropped

Possibly interested in the near future, once I’ve sorted my DAS and get paid middle of next month. However I would need at least an MOT on it to sweeten the deal. :wink:

ooppss sorry should have updated - No longer for sale