Yamaha FZR600R (Fox Eye) Starting/Gearbox Problem?


I recently purchased a FZR600R ‘project bike’

It didnt start when I bought it but today ive had the tank off and emptied/cleaned it out.

Checked the fuel lines and the carbs and all seemed OK to me (Im not a ‘proper’ mechanic)

Cleaned the K&N air filter and put it all back together with 5 litres of fresh fuel…

Whilst doing all this I had the battery on charge.

I finally got her started but she would only start and keeping running with the clutch pulled in?

Whilst in Neutral (And the neutral light on) when I release the clutch lever the bike cuts out?

Also whilst running whilst in neutral and the clutch lever pull - I kick down into 1st and it cuts out?

It also doesnt seem to be able to get into 2nd/3rd/4th/5th?.. Just Neutral and 1st (Where it cuts out!)

So whats the opinion?


ehrm… while the sidestand is up or down? :doze:

Oh Shizzzzzzzzzzzzz! What an idiot!
OK so the sidestand was down!
Please let me off as its been about 4 years since ive ridden a bike…

Il try again and report back ASAP

Dang - I got too excited too quick…

OK so with the side stand up the bike starts without having to pull in the clutch…

But even with the stand up the bike stalls out when 1st is selected?

ehrm again…are you giving it a bit of throttle when you select first gear? hopefully while its on a paddock stand…also spark plugs might be needing a change. and other bits and pieces might need look after/replaced. hopefully you’ve changed the engine oil before starting the bike…at least we know the sidestand safety switch works perfectly :smiley:

i think you better off taking it to a mechanic, just saying. :smiley:

It might be the clutch dragging too much and stalling the engine. With engine off, you should be able to push the bike while in gear with the clutched pulled in. If its hard to push, check clutch lever clearance maybe its not doing its job. The clutch plates may just be dry and sticky from being laid up (a run out should sort that) or the plates are wrapped from overheating (new clutch plates needed).

5L of oil sounds like a lot, I’m more used to using 3 to 3.5L… a search on Google says 3.1L for a FZR600!

Thanks - Even with the clutch lever pulled - when I select 1st it does jolt forward slightly whilst cutting out?


There’s your problem, a ‘proper’ mechanic might have …

  1. Removed and tested the battery, charging as necessary while he …

  2. Drained the old oil, removed the camshaft covers, engine covers, spark plugs etc inspecting what he can, including the drained oil. All being well lubricate by hand where he can, piston bores, camshafts, clutch and primary drive etc before refitting the covers and refilling with fresh engine oil.

  3. Refit the battery and with spark plugs removed, fuel system and ignition system isolated turn the engine over. First by hand checking the operation of the engine, gearbox, clutch, drive chain etc. All being well run the engine on the starter motor to get the fresh oil into circulation and carry out a compression test while checking for any clangs bangs or rattles.

  4. Replace the spark plugs, re-connect the fuel system and ignition system then attempt to start the engine proper.


Did you find the VIN :ermm:

Some further analysis…

So she starts normally now. Whilst in Neutral, kickstand up and me not touching the clutch.
If I now put the kickstand down she cuts out… UNLESS I pull the clutch in and she will stay running with the kickstand down.

So back I am on the bike whilst its ticking over and I pull in the clutch and select 1st gear. She doesnt stall out but she starts to gently pull forward… I can pull it back but she wants to continue pulling forward…

I wonder if I have 2 issues?

1 - Sticky/Stuck Clutch
2 - Faulty Clutch and/or Kickstand switch

Have you actually ridden a bike lately ? or ever even ? :w00t:

Its been a few years…

ok, so this “Kickstand switch” you mention in your 2nd “issue” why do you think it’s there?

Because someone else mentioned it could be a issue.

maybe they did… but i mean, why do you think its on the bike ?

Oh its a game…

Erm - The reason I think its on the bike is - If its down - you can select neutral only? Meaning you cannot ride with the kickstand down…

But id assume if it was working properly you could leave it in neutral without having to pull in the clutch?

Or is that what your getting at? The kickstand switch is fine and I should be looking at the Clutch switch?

that’s it… its designed to cut out when in gear with the stand down, unless the clutch is pulled…


But with the stand down; mine cuts out even whilst in neutral, unless the clutch is pulled…

Further progress…

I see a similar post where someone asked the following question.

*Does the clutch function?
With engine off, can you push the bike in gear (any- gear2nd, 3rd,4th) with the clutch pulled in(disengaged)?
While pushing ,engine off, in gear, with the clutch in can you let the clutch out and have the rear wheel lock up or turn the engine over? *

So I put my bike in 2nd, didnt touch the clutch and the rear locked up.
I pulled the clutch and it still locked up…
So my clutch is not working?
I then adjusted the clutch (at the handle) out to the max and tried again… This time I could wheel the bike - albeit just about on the limit of locking up.

So maybe the clutch cable has stretched or possibly requires adjustment at the clutch end?


I’m out

does it have a central stand? if not put it on a paddock stand.
put it on and check if your rear turns freely while on neutral and with engine switched off. if not then clearly your chain and sprockets needs attention. if it does, then you can start looking at other issues.