Yamaha FZR 400 regulator/rectifier...

Does anyone know where it is hidden before I start pulling the bike to bits!

Cancel, cancel… found it in the most annoying place to get at as usual! Had to get the tank up and find a screwdriver that goes around corners!

Not sure if you have tried it but

www.400greybike.co.uk has helped me sort out all my FZR problems in the past

Thanks for that… I tried to register and it kept saying username already in existence and e-mail address already in existence… I thought that was odd, so I tried to log in using my normal password and guess what - it appears I must have registered in a previous life!!

Methinks I’m losing the plot!

Doh! ( 8-(|)

Its a handy site for bits and bobs.

What model have you got? Mines a 1WG 3EN2 SP