Yamaha Fazer (Naked) 600c 2005 For Sale

Hello there,

Full service history and taxed. This beautiful bike is reluctantly being sold and is looking for a new home. The bike passed an MOT recently and has two pretty much brand new tyres. It’s also had a brand new air filter fitted and was recently serviced.

The bike has been fitted (by me) with two Givi v35 panniers worth around £300. These are optional but come highly recommended. If you don’t want them, I’ll sell them seperately. I’ll throw them in for free if you pay the asking price. I have all the original keys for the boxes.

There are a few minor marks across the bike (such as tiny key/zip marks), but one larger graze/mark on the left hand side. I’ve included a photo of it below.
This was caused by me, accidentally scraping the bike against a wall, as I tried to get out of my drive way. Apart from that, no damage.

There’s no further damage and the bike runs like a dream.

-Full Service History

  • MOT’d and serviced recently
  • Taxed - 27,500 miles
  • Givi v35 Panniers - perfect for touring on.
  • Original keys and books, including master key.
  • YISS (Yamaha) Immobiliser
  • Beautiful to ride…
  • £1,600

I am open to offers, as unfortunately I do have to sell her. I’m going to miss her lots though!

This is without the panniers and screen …(…obviously…)

With the screen…I’ve also adjusted and replaced the rear indicators to cater for the panniers. This is taken in southern France - great tourer!

The mark left from me stupidly scrapping it against my wall.


the panniers sound interesting, got a photo of them on?

fair price should have no probs with a sale :slight_smile:

Detective Boris has found them :stuck_out_tongue:


what shape was the wall to get 45 degree scratches on the crank case?

seems like a steal to me at that price, should go quite quickly

might have more luck selling it if you reply to PMs

or even log on…

I think his sold it mate… The Auto Trader link is dead now.

you must have been pushing it with some force!!!..if you were riding it past the wall I dont wanna see what it did to your leg :crazy:

**** that’s a bloody cheap bike!