Yamaha Fazer 1000s

Hi all,

I have a Fazer 1000S, I bought this as my commuter bike, but now I have bought a Honda VFR so this no longer needed.

History of the bike
Purchased of a friend who dropped it.
Damage was to :
Fuel tank - sprayed with primer to prevent rusting
Front fairing cracked but replaced with a 2nd hand one
Marks on the genny cover.

Clutch is slipping slightly but I have spare clutch kit to go with the bike.

Please see picture for details.

The bike is HPi clear.
Mileage 34k

Good bits
Adjustable clutch brake levers
Radiator cover protector
Dunno jetted to smooth out fuelling
New EBC HH front brake pads fitted
New brake fluid
Brakes stripped and cleaned
Bikes has been looked after and have many receipts and MOT’s

Bike is quick as it uses a detuned R1 engine.

Bike will have std can fitted, spot lights removed , language rack removed and original grab rails fitted.

Location Aylesbury




Hmmm how many packets of hob nobs or Haribo ?
Or do you actually want to state a price in Coinage ?

I’ll trade for a sherbet fountain and a roll of sellotape I can’t find the end of. And that’s my final offer.

I'll trade for a sherbet fountain and a roll of sellotape I can't find the end of. And that's my final offer. Von
which one? i think he has two fazers! :D

The same offer applies to both. I’m sure I can find a second roll of tape.

My bad £1800 Ono.
What length and colour tape we talking abt?

Clear of course. And it’s a mini roll- I’m not made of money… or tape

Clear I dunno man… mini roll sounds tempting

Half a roll of gaffer tape?