yamaha dt 125 x

sorry to come here like this without first introducing myself . i had my motorcycle stolen from isleworth west london on friday the 3rd at 3am it was a black and orange yamaha dt 125 x supermoto. all black orange frame and black/orange wheels any info would be apriciated
reg number RX05 HTA


here is few pictures of it

That’ll be having the nuts thrashed off it by some scrote across the local scrub

And then burnt. Bummer.

Hey i allso have a dt.

i really do hope you get it back mate

lol toy you know its my bike :stuck_out_tongue: you have seen it on the dtr forum

I know pal XD just wanted to see if you reconised it was me XD when it turns up give us a shout if anything is broken I have loads of spears your welcome to =]

thanks mate will do thanks :slight_smile: