Yamaha Diversion 2009

Am i the only one that thinks the new Yamaha Diversion looks really nice?? :Whistling:

btw it will be called FZ6R in the states


That’s really nice. I prefer it to the 2009 R6, I think.

that looks very smart, bit fazerish too. why you thinking of changing foo?

its a post 2004 Fazer FZ6s… with a pointy bellypan…:w00t:

Not keen on the full faired version…

like it though… in a fazery sorta way…

not yet… but if i was then maybe, i like this as much as the new CBF :w00t: :ermm:

the new cbf does look smart. i like the 1000 version.

I really like the last two… very very nice looking bikes!

when are they due to be released?

In showrooms around Jan 2009


needs to be 900+cc like the old divvy really then it can compete with the Honda 1000 :slight_smile:

They did a 600 with chain drive and a 900 with shaft.

Obviously they have made to many R6 engines and need to shift them, having test ridden a FZ6 Fazer S2 have to say the engine and the fuelling is terrible. Before they start shoving it into another frame/bike they really need to sort out it out.

It might be fine for a R6 but in a middleweight all rounder it needs to be vastly improved.

they mention that the FZ6 engine has been retuned for more midrange pull