Yamaha-burst in Country(video)


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i like! bet it took a while to get all of those camera angles!

+1 on nice angles. Works for me…

can you do the thing jay with the vid, please.

Hi All, bit more time so here are the specs for those interested.

  1. The film was shot on a Sunday- first decent ride out day. It was around Buttercrambe bridge Just outside York.( capital of UK prior to Londinium Muscleing in!)
    2.The shoot took 1.5 hours I did it without anyone else and just tagged along behind a number of riders. ( Later that day, the road was closed due to a bike fatality-unfortunately the bike survived!)
    3.I used 2 cameras (Sony mini-DV)-on various clamps and a bullet cam (sony)attached to another Sony mini-DV.A total of 3 cameras
    4.Although the option is there to use LANC controls, I opted for “always on”-editing later.
    5.I ended up with 3 tapes of 45 minutes riding- here is where the fun started- timing front,rear and other shots so as a “red” car passed- it came from the back within 1 second- believe me, it is hard to do for someone like me who swims in the lower end of the gene pool!
    6.As a rule of thumb, I am told-60minutes worth of footage produces 06 minutes of finished product- Im glad I do not do this for a living-I was worse than this marker!
    7.I used Adobe Premiere and Pinnacle 8 to edit, swapping between the two programmes as each has different qualities- (Pinnacle is keen on reduction of weight of the final video- making it suitable for Google, while Adobe Premiere- although expensive, is great to add effects, speed, split screen and zoom in facilities, to name a few.
    8.Editing took around 09 hours- It’s research and will benefit future customers (we design,host and search engine submit Websites and are currently designing for a Motorcycle instructor)
  2. Other factors to consider are the Music- I did the ride and returned to select the music from a collection of MP3s.-An alternative route is to go out with a theme based on a prior selected tune- executing each change of “mood”- as the tempo rises and falls- ( examples being clutch changes, gear changes etc.)Here I chose Rush by Motorcycle- corny I know, but the change in speed made for an interesting ride.
    Others I have used are The Cure- again mood setting and evocative/alternative- not something you might usually expect from a “biker video”.
    10.Time factors at work prevented me from adding an introduction title- but its right to give credit to the song creator etc- saving having to write such a long soliloquy

If I can be of any extra help- please let me know - LondonCaller was the chap who helped me - I hope he returns as he has been away a while