yamaha 2008 yzf r125

not sure if im posting in the correct section but tried to find some info on the net but couldnt so thought someone here could help me, does anyone know the uk release date of the yamaha yzf r125 because i’m probably going to get one (never ridden a bike before but would love to start on this machine)

also, anyone know any shoei dealers in central/nw london where i can try some helmets on?

thanks in advance for any replies!

Hello Wembley_Newbie, pop into the newbies section and say hello mate.Not sure on the release date for the Yamaha 125, but try here; http://www.yamaha-motor.co.uk/products/motorcycles/ . With regards to Shoei dealers, Hein Gericke on the Kenton Road is an approved Shoei/Arai/AGV dealership, which isn’t very far from Wembley other than that you’d probably need to venture out to J&S in Watford or Colins Colins in Harrow. Colins Colins in Harrow should also be able to tell you the release date for the 125 if it’s not on the Yamaha website (get the Colins Colins number from Google).

cheers mate, great reply, will definately check out that place on kenton road because i’m not too far from there, need to find out if i have an 'arai head or a ‘shoei head’ as i’ve never owned a bike lid before, looking at getting a xr1000 with a whisper strip. regarding the uk yamaha release date its not on the website but i might give that that place you suggested a call.

will also make sure to introduce myself to the forum too, should have done that first on hindsight, oops

thanks again

My first lot of R125’s are due in march (most of them are orders already taken) most dealers should have them readily available in april!

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


It’s a great looking bike, certainly a great choice for a first sports bike. Ask away in the forums for advice on biking, you have an endless supply of experience, wisdom and unfortunate lessons learnt the hard way.

Great choice! It has to be the sexiest 125 available :cool:

available in march? :ermm:i was thinking (hoping) january time, oh well i better get an order in somewhere as i imagine these will sell fast once they arrive

No worries - keep us posted mate!:cool:


them bikes look like the real thing i wonder what speed it does and what it sounds like:cool:

Well speaking to my yamaha rep at the show on sunday, he has had a lot of contact details given to him that he will give out to his shops to sell units!

Iwould get yours ordered now and hope they come in early!! their retailing at £2995

good luck!:wink:

As long as you don’t count Cagiva’s Mito;)

Shame it’s not a 2 stroke, but it looks nice :slight_smile: