Yamaha 18k Minor Service Cost?

Can anyone tell me roughly how much an 18k minor service normally cost on an inline4?
The Fazer has an R6 engine so the cost should be identical to an R6 at 18000 miles.

Metropolis quoted me £400! :sick:

I have requested a quote from Paul Reeks Yamaha in SW6 but they are taking their time to get back to me.

Any other recommendations?
Ideally not too far from Vauxhall.

I would do the service myself but I still have Yammy warranty left.

Not a clue on cost - but Metropolis have an awful reputation.

George White Yamaha in Shoreditch have always been good for me :slight_smile:

West London Yamaha - bit of a way out though…

Eh, only used the bloke local to me, but round your way theres


Also dont FWR also do servicing?

I always prefer to take mine somewhere recommended.

Doesnt Westie do bikes?

BTW what you doing to your DRZ? Or have you already sold it?

If you want to stick to Yamaha dealers then try JA-Lock in Edmonton or Motorcycle-Store in Shepheds Bush.

They are pretty switched on and should give you a price over the phone.

Personally I’d avoid Motorcyclestore like the plague, they are very dodgy. They sold me a cat d bike without telling me and know they took parts of a good bike to write it off for someone else as he promised to buy a R1 from them afterwards.

I paid about £250 for my R6’s 18k service from J&S in New Malden.

The DRZ is staying. It still has epic uses.

I have dropped a few quote requests to them dealers (except Motorcycle-Store)

the warranty isnt affected as long as you use OEM parts?? im pretty sure thats right…

so just do the service yourself, im not a yamaha expert and dont know the schedule but it wont be thaaat involved to do at home

Thanks CrazyJoyce, self service does still seem to be an open option but I can live with spending around £200 for the stamp.

Ok as it stands

JapAndGerman quoted: £150 labour only (so consumables will be added after)
Infinity Motorcycles quoted: £215
Metropolis quoted : £400