Y'Allright Four Eyes

I started riding just over a year ago and one minor, but constant, niggle is the practicalities of wearing glasses on a bike. When it rains if the glasses get wet they fog up. So that means having to keep the visor down at all times which isn’t entirely practicle. Also they are a second layer to blur on coming lights on top the visor when things are wet.

Are there some simple solutions? I was considering getting contacts for commuting, but for me it is a last resort due to expense and faff.

I would definitely go the contacts route - I am not sure why you are worried about cost. 30 pairs costs about £20 if you go for the daily disposable type. If you can afford to put gas in the tank you can afford to see properly.

I use glasses only for riding and driving. And I use a full face crash helmet so I feel your pain.

My top tips would be.

  1. buy glasses to suit your purpose…Thick framed chunky armed glasses won’t fit as comfortably into your lid as a thiner wire pair.

  2. keep your glasses as clean as your visor. if you have rainx/anti fog stuff, it works on glasses too which is fantatsic. keep a small cloth in your gear for cleaning them.

  3. unfortunately, keeping the visor shut sometimes is a must…however I find that opening my shoei to notch one is usually ok and doesn’t let much in. this is however balanced by being able to ride at speed in summer with the visor up and my glases stopping my cornea drying up or being blasted by bees.

I thought ablout contacts but the hassle of taking them in and out when I only ever use them for limited times made me decide against it.
Laser eye surgery is the only real long term solution but I still haven’t made up my mind about that…

I agree that its worth paying to see properly, but to some of us, £20 a month is an expense we would rather avoid heh :slight_smile:

I agree with the contacts route although I can also see your point with the extra added expense. For me I only ride on weekends and the occasional commute into London so 30 pairs last a while (got my first batch of 30 back in July and I’ve still got a few more pairs left!).
A suggestion I’d make is have a look at those memoflex frames. I used to use these back when I had a moped and they did the job fine as far as being comfortable to wear however with regards to fogging up/blurring vision they’ll be the same as all pairs of glasses.

I wore glasses for the first year or so of riding, and found them a constant issue - even taking the helmet off becomes a pain as you have to find somewhere to put your glasses etc etc etc. I started wearing contacts about 6 months ago, and it’s been a revelation. Putting them in has become second nature and takes <10 seconds now, and expense wise it’s not as bas as I had imagined - think I’d rather go without something else and use the money for lenses if that was the choice. :cool:

I used to wear lenses, tried wearing my glasses a few times on the bike, not practical at all, contacts were definately a much better option, yes they cost about £20 month but I think it’s worth it, luckily now I don’t have to worry at all thanks to laser eye treatment, this is another option I suppose although a little more expensive!!! :slight_smile:

cat crap (seriously) there are other products that are pretty much the same as well. Its a wax that you apply to your glasses/goggles and stops them steaming up- works well.

Dont forget about your visor either- no point seeing through your glasses if you cant see out the visor. A pinlock or fog city is the way forward :slight_smile:

Cheers for all your replies.

I used to when contacts when i was younger and I rememeber them being far more expensive. Might get some dailys then if they are that cheap and lob some in my bag for when the weather gets grim.

Apart from the rain issue I don’t actually have any problems with wearing glasses when riding, comfort or otherwise. My glasses are thick plastic framed ones yet they are fine with my helmet. Never thought about it as a issue until I saw what some of you were saying about getting thin framed ones.

One option if cash is short is to ring 020 7222 4224. They are a company that trials new lenses before they go on the market for the lens companies. I went to them when I first tried lenses and have been on many trials over the last 15 years or so. Lenses for trials are free - and some trials they will actually pay you for wearing them. They are based in Victoria in Buckingham Gate. The only downside is you have to make repeat visits for checkups. Usually a few days after the start of the trial, then at increasing intervals. I am currently on a year long trial so have not paid for lenses since last January and have had to have about four checkups with them. They are always looking for candidates for trials and you can drop out at any time if you are unhappy about anything.

If you do contact them, tell Bedina the receptionist that Julian told you about them. I can claim a fee for every introduction, and I will donate all fees to the LB charity fund.

Another contact lens wearer here. I got fed up with glasses misting up and being uncomfortable. I used to wear contacts some 20 years go, and the new type are much better. I’ve gone for Monthly disposables and they cost me £13 a month, solutions/eyetests included. So a good bargain.

Well I obviously breathe too much because not even Bob Heath or Mr Pinlock could stop my visor steaming up.

Anyway, tried glasses - was awful.

Tried contact lenses - kept losing them mid race.

Now got lazered perfik vision for £60 a month :slight_smile:

What about a prescription visor??? lol imagine how big your eyes could look to on coming traffic? :D:D:D

You could try FogTech:


I now have some on order. The anti fog is as good as the Pinlock system, but with the added benefit of being able to apply it to your bins.

I dont wear glasses to see, but i do wear sunglasses - frankly they are easier to remove than a tinted visor. I’m surprised no-one has mentioned the good old Foggy neoprene helmet insert whatsit. Works a treat with the visor closed (so long as its installed correctly). Been using one for 3 years in the winter - keeps your face warm too.

I had a similar thing as part of a hjc lid, maybe slightly better as it connected straight to the vents.
orked well to stop the visor misting and did keep my face warm, but wasn’t completely air tight against my face so made the glasses steaming issue even worse!

Who was that with? I have been considering it recently and didn’t realise it could be had for as little as that per month…

Some good advice here especially the bit about opening your visor up to the first notch when it rains which is what I do.

The two major drawbacks I find with glasses are: when it is very foggy, condensation forms on your visor so you have to open it, then it forms on your glasses as well and that’s it, you are effectively blind; and you don’t have the option of wearing cool looking shades, unless of course you get prescription ones.

i use contacts…
if its for everyday use defo go for the monthly contact option. (cheaper than dailies)

but if its not for everyday use then go for the dailies :smiley:

Hm. I wear glasses some of the time. Not a legal issue, just need a bit better vision at night in rain.

I don’t have much of a fogging problem, perhaps that’s because I use an HJC CS12 helmet with a built in breath mask.

Do have a big issue with getting the glasses on and off though. Why don’t helmet makers put soft channels in the padding ready for spec wearers?

After all they’ve started putting cable routes in for ear phone wearers.