YAI Thread

Yet Another Insurance thread. Just renewed the car, best quote was actually from the current provider. Did my usual price comparison checks, and I’m just letting it auto renew.

Bit surprised.

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My bike insurance was like that this year, even having done IAM in the last few months.

My car is looking to be the same too, I’m getting worried I’ve done something wrong

Might have something to do with it …


Both my bike and car are due soon and in both cases my current providers are only marginally dearer than last year. I will let them auto renew.

In theory they should be cheaper because lockdown mileage is considerably lower for me and everyone else but they’ve cleverly pitched their slight price increases at the point where it isn’t worth me devoting hours of my time to trawling around the comparison sites.

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Mine was only a few quid more expenses too, I did look around to see if I could get cheaper and couldn’t get near the quote they gave me so just renewed as well.

I was thinking of dropping the mileage to see if that helped but didn’t want to mess with the algorithm that gave the initial quote lol

I have had that before where I removed items of cover and the quote went UP! If you are happy with the price, best not mess with it :slight_smile:

I remember when insurers wanted to charge me more for saying my bike was on my driveway than on the road…

However, I was always able to back track if the ‘new’ quote was higher.

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Same here, then they knocked another £40 off when I told them I’d just done bike safe. No complaints from me.