Yahama TDM900/A In White


Gutted. :crying:

oh mate noooo!! :frowning:

:frowning: did you get rid of the 500 too?

Sorry to see this :ermm:

damn you hardly used it mate…will pop down at the weekend bring ya airhawk back :slight_smile:

Does this mean you are without a bike? You’d hardley got used to the Yamy!! :crying:

Hope it’s not the end of bikes for you?:ermm::crying:

Still got the 500, but needs must when the devils pisses in your fuel tank.

Hopefully won’t be the end of biking, seeing a Spinal Surgeon to get a second opinion on the back. So hopefully some sunshine in the gray weather.

Hope to see you out on the bike soon mate! By the sound of it the devil’s not only pissed in your fuel tank but put sugar in it as well! :w00t: