XVS1300A Midnight Star – Yamaha’s Next Generation Cruiser

I’m in love! I want this bike so badly! How much you reckon it will come out in the market?

Foxy’s article on this bike:




But you can’t fit another bike in your garage?

Yes, I can! lol

i,d extend my garage for that if i had a garage.

Not a great fan of cruisers, but I think it was one of these that they had on the Yamaha stand at the Beaulieu show, and it certainly had a lot of “presence” if you know what I mean.

They also had to have a member of staff on permanent polishing duty to keep removing the sticky fingerprints. lol

yes, it requires lots of loving tender care! I got a 3 cars garage mate, I don’t mind! I want one.

It’s a bloody golf buggy not a bike!

Did Foxy mentioned that it comes with a leather waistcoat?!

Very nice. Even nicer than my brothers XV1100 Virago. I’d not say no to one of those.

Wouldn’t you rather go for the original - the H-D Fatboy - of which this is an undisguised copy?

Very nice bike but I’ll stick with my 1600

I wonder where they got the idea for a 2 into 1 exhaust



probably HD.

This is the one for me ,suzuki M1800 ,im off to find me piggy bank !!!



I cant resist another picture




Loving that Suzuki! I got to sit on one at the NEC show last year I believe (dodgy memory) and loved it. Monster torque!

Honda are bringing their (utterly insane) Rune over to these shores now

By the looks of it, the exhaust doubles up as some sort of lid storage when you’re not using it

That’s not right … But I’d still like a go!

Yeah, I think they’re getting close to Arlen Ness territory where each bike uses (roughly) the same amount of sheet material as an Airbus.

That Honda is awsome!! The VFR could be looking for a new owner!!

yeah the rune comes in at about 19 grand so a bit on the pricey site it is nice as are most cuisers :slight_smile:

I’ve sat on the Rune…it’s MASSIVE…even taking it off the kickstand is a chore. I don’t think I’d enjoy the ride at all…probably handles like the QE2.

Now…whoever posted up about the 109-R is on the right track. I don’t fancy the bars on that Yamaha…I like the drag bar look…those goofy looking pull back bars leave me cold.