XT Girls is in town!

OK - only kidding!We’re Mardi-Louise & Gigi –

Thought we’d drop in, we’re two (adventure!) biker girls, proud owners of a 1986 XT600Z Ténéré each - which are prepping - ALL BY OURSELVES - for a coming trip from London to Cape Town.

(NO! We don’t know who Ewan and Charley are)

We’re learning the mechanics of our bikes, cos we want to be completely independent on the road.

Its been a bit of an adventure!

Check out our website (only for light entertainment!)

: )

Our Beasties!

Mardi-Louise with Substitute XT Girl on Namibia Trip

Mardi-Louise & Gigi acting stupid

Ello and welcome to LB!

Cant access your vid on how to kill an engine as am at work, but good luck for your trip to Cape-town!! :smiley:

welcome :slight_smile: you say “in town”… how long have you been in london?

Been in London for ten years, riding in London for about six - but only just found you guys!! :Dpowerpuffgirl - that picture on your signature rocks!!

Hello and welcome:)

When are yo hoping to start your adventure?

I’m loving your bolt video by the way;):smiley:

Weeeellll, the OFFICIAL plan is to set off for Cape Town in April 2009 – but we’re doing all sorts of fun stuff inbetween to get ready… like… doing a 5,000km trip in Namibia & Botswana this August… and Tunisia in November.

Hey join us!! I’ll post an official invite somewhere (as soon as I figure out where)… the more bikers the merrier!

Praps we can have a rideout to escort you to the port or whatever?:cool:

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Hmm, they look comfy. :ermm:

Hey girls, welcome to the site! your trip sounds fab!!:smiley:

Welcome to Londonbikers


Hi! The oil change vid was spine chilling;) You must have very strong arms:D

hi and welcome

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB:D Good luck with the trip!!

Welcome ladies - what route are you taking? Which countries will you ride through? Tell us more!!

Hello XT’s

some cool trips you got planned there!!

welcome XT girls, wicked website! very inspiring to us girlies :slight_smile:

good luck with the trips :smiley:

Welcome crazy ladies, hope all goes well with your travels. Sounds very challenging and exciting :smiley: