XT @ Cadwell

It’s been two days and I definitely feel like I have Cadwell withdrawal.

As usual I was a bit nervous before the first session, mostly because I wasn’t sure if I would hold my group up on the straights. We did a Hopprider day i.e. group instruction in the morning (5 groups : session / 5 riders : 1 instructor) and trackday in the afternoon. First session out I was maxing it down the straights already - the XT tops out at about 100mph (104mph with a 4mph tail wind…) - and wondered how the hell I was supposed to keep up for the rest of the day. When we debriefed after the second session, I mentioned that I was already grinding toes around Barn, and the day only got quicker from there. At the end of the day I was trying to decide if the XT has some serious clearance issues, or if the Pilot Powers are simply the best road tyres out there - they didn’t misbehave once, on road pressures! In the last few sessions I had to put the outside of my feet on the pegs (soles facing inward) so that I wouldn’t grind through my boot - with the balls of my feet on the pegs I was tipping into Chris curve in fourth and dragging my boot halfway to Gooseneck!! Same after the start finish straight - flatout in 5th going into Coppice (for those that don’t know: uphill left hander) then down a gear, holding fourth, toe/peg on deck, all the way through Charlies 1 and Charlies 2 (a blind, crested, off camber, triple apex, right hander) and back upto 5th for Park Straight - which incidentally is the BEST FEELING ON EARTH when you get it right!

I probably could have been a little quicker through the hairpin, but the tyre wall a few feet away had a deterent effect so I didn’t want to push it there. The other place were I really should have been quicker is Barn, but I was worried about decking out and lifting the wheels of the ground. And perhaps I could be quicker through Mansfield. And maybe hold 5th through Charlies 1&2. Next time…

Sounds like you had a blast mate, glad you enjoyed it.

Sounds good.

Do you think the bike would pull slightly higher gearing? If it would you could invest in some Cadwell specific sprockets!

Cool mate, sounds like you had a right laugh

As for clearance it prob not neccessarily the tyres I got the pegs down both sides on my Duke II on the road to the point that I had warn away about a quarter of an inch of both sides and I could do that on BT020’s which were ****e on the Duke. Avon AV50’s were a lot grippier but Motards just seem to beg you to lean right over. I should imagine the XTX has simular peg height to the DukeII.

On my 625 I could ride around the outside of my bosses VFR when he had the peg on the deck and couldn’t lean anymore and my pegs weren’t down so I reckon the 625 pegs were higher.

Maybe its time for foot out to allow the pegs to fold up. Although foot out never felt right to me

Definitely - I was holding 3rd all the way from Mansfield onto the start/finish straight, and only used 1st/2nd in the paddock. Could probably go up a tooth on the front and maybe drop a couple on the back, which would be a first for me

After having ridden sportsbikes for too many years, I just can’t get the feel for sticking my foot out, every synapse in my brain screams its a bad idea! LOL

Yup know what you mean. I tried it and just couldn’t get on on with it and felt a right ****. So I just rode normally and scrapped the fook out me peg and boot, which makes you look like a hero in the pub car park