XMAX 250 Suspension

I know it’s only a scooter, but it’s really a shame that for me the only thing which let’s down an otherwise brilliant bike is rock hard suspension. Not sure if they’ve changed it on more recent models (mine is 06) but I’d love to know if there’s any way of improving it, as it’s shaking the bike to pieces! A friend of mine also complained he had the same problem on his identical bike - it even caused the front wheel to shatter over one hole in the road!

I can’t answer your question but I do know the 250 Xmax was recalled last year due to cracked frames.

Can you change the settings on the suspension? (My X9 has 4 settings, depending on loading. I’d assume the X Max had something similar, but I’ve never ridden one.)

The problem with the X Max appears to be the front, not the rear suspension. As one review of the bike says “Front suspension totally unsuitable for UK town, village and urban roads. Every ripple, manhole and pothole sends shocks through arms, shoulders and loosens tooth fillings.”

How odd. Do they get lightweight jockey-style fellas to road test them, do you think?

I’ll happily volunteer my more “typical, UK-style” body to test a few Yamaha scooters. I wouldn’t even want paying that much :slight_smile: