Xmas wish list for the bike

I’ll start it off…

For Xmas I would like a full Maxton suspension set up for my K2 Gixer trackbike project

Oh! I like the sound of that!

Please Santa I’d like a full Touratech ****pit conversion for my Africa Twin so I at least look like I know what I’m doing travelling round Russia next Septenber…and a new rear shock as the one I have is on the way out and the roads will be bad! Ideally a larger tank too…

The B**tard who ran it over 6 months ago to admit it and pay up or the witness to actually respond to the letters from the police and solicitors so he doesn’t get away with it .




A nice safe and warm garage…

Oh… And a cashflow that meant I didn’t have to sell the bike

um dear santa, westie would like, a hot water bottle to keep harriet warm, a carbon fibre bellypan, radiator guard, a heated waistcoat, and a st of headlight protectors please!!!

Give me some nice deep throaty cans for the SV, a tail tidy and less bulky indicators, then she will be sweet!

Thought that read ‘give me some nice deep throat’

(i should read slower)

Well, if anyone’s offering, that would work too.

I would like a Crescent Stage III tune, ohlins forks and some magnesium marvic wheels please Santa I’ve been a very good boy!

As I’m between bikes, guess I’ll need everything…

Ooh! Here it is right now, all in one place…

all i want for christmas is a waver ticket to stop me comming off…

ohh yea…the bike…hhhmmmmm…

may i have please…please…please a full workshop so i can restore the slingshot to full factory condition ,complete with calour gas heater,work bench and tools on the wall…

plus for the k6 ,can i have the complete youshi system,new set of bt014 j models please and paddock stand…ta!!!

yea,right smiled.

Can I have a garage please? Cos if not, I’m going to need LOTS of rust remover and several tons of chrome cleaner.

Oh, and a bit of knowledge about what to do to the darling thing. I managed to change an indicator light bulb so that’s a start I suppose, but it won’t really get me very far…

i want for xams…

a bloke who stays in the garage and cleans and maintains the beast

1 - new plastics for my k4 Bandit to replace the ‘slightly scuffed’ look it has at present

2 - K&N air filter

3 - dynojet kit

4 - sometime on the dyno

5 - new rear shock

6 - new fork springs and oil

and finally a garage, with a nice 4 bed house attached