Xmas Present

I have started my xmas list and this is most definately at the top !!!

Hmmm, how much do they cost? Looks like a good investment!


Is this classed as bare-back riding?

I wonder how much grip you get in the wet.

P.S. I love your Avitar Russ. You crack me up.


That’s a good one.

Nice one. You have to have a laugh.

Very funny… Did you get the idea from Jay? He already has one of those…Hehe he he…

Tooo much detail there, Foxy m’dear.

never gonna look at you two the same again…

very nice …but will be abused by the sausage jocky`s…

hahaha I want one, I want one

Have to get one for my girl for crimbo!!

Wow…I showed this to my wife last night and asked “What do you think?” She said “You know all that rubbish they teach riders about a light grip on the bars and relaxed arms? Well…you’d better hold on TIGHT!”

I love that woman… LOL

Looks like you gonna have a fan-fcukin-tastic Christmas cumming!

Good for you Greg. Or should I say, Ride’um cowboy?