Xmas Party South Side - 17th Dec 2005

Subject: CHRISTMAS Party in the Hood… 17/12/05 – Streatham Hill

Dear all,

I understand this is very early notice but the committee has decided that we are to have a CHRISTMAS PARTY in “the Hood”. It is also going to be a welcome party to our future flatmate Deisy from Venezuela and also a house warming all in one go purely because the flat isn’t completed yet and we cant be *rsed at the moment but by December we should have got our act together and the flat should be a very homey and welcoming place!! And tidy as well!

The reason for this early warning is to make sure people havent booked things and of course it give you lot time to figure out how to get down here after sunset without getting shot or mugged.

Just bring whatever you drink… naturally there will be an array of nibbles and soft drinks and hot snacks…it is a Christmas party after all and what’s a party without food eh?

Venue: 136 Barcombe Avenue, Streatham Hill, London, SW2 3BB, UK

Date: 17th December 2005

Time: 6 pm till we kick you out so until whenever really…

Closest Station (overland from Victoria) is Streatham Hill (5 minutes walk away from the flat)

Home Phone: 020 8678 9689

Chris Mobile: 07919 387 066 – [email protected]

Tom Mobile: 07788 101 572 – [email protected]

There is “unrestricted parking” if you feel like driving but I don’t think that’s a good idea …if you do ride your bike then you can chain your bike to Austin’s Scooter or my car so no worries about security there!

Hope you can all make it…

The South London Massif!!