The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree…

the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.

And if you don’t have a happy family Xmas can be one of the worst times of the year - roll on the New Year!

Sorry, but it’s one of the reasons I don’t like Xmas, that and all the fake let’s be cheerful and love thy neighbour.


but its also there so you can give it another try…its your choice

if you go into it thinking like that… it aint got a hope in hell

and its not fake …its real

i have even more reason to hate xmas and the new year…Ty is in Saudi and my 2 boys will be in Italy with their father…

be thankful you have the chance to make a choice

Making Xmas an enjoyable time is not always a matter of choice.

I wish everyone could be as cheerful as you and maybe some of your cheerful persona will rub off on me tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath - I may just become the resident misery guts until Xmas has been and gone!

sorry but it is… a matter of choice

only you can make you happy… and when you are happy… yep, it usually rubs off !

so …i look forward to rubbing some off on you tomorrow J-A…you ole happy misery guts