XFM Rockschool

Apologies if you’ve already seen this on another site, but what’s a dad to do?

My son Nick (15), has been playing guitar in a band along with three other talented local teens (Charlotte on vocals, Mike on bass, and Sam on drums). They’re called “Six Days In Total” (because that’s how long they’d been together when they did their first gig) and they’ve entered the XFM Rock School competition.

Although they are constantly writing, rehearsing and recording their own stuff, the XFM comp requires them to do a cover, so they have entered their version of Radiohead’s classic anthem “Creep”. Lauren Laverne played it on her XFM breakfast show on Wednesday and said that 6 days were one of her favourite rock school entries.

While a poster on another bike site said:
“when you first said they are doing creep, i thought oh no, another murderd classic.
but that honestly gave me goose pimples…”

Please, please, please follow the link below and listen to their entry, and then tell me I’m not just a proud dad when I say that it’s brilliant. And if you agree with me, please take the time out to vote for them (you never know, a few years from now I might be able to get Nick to squeeze you onto his guest list)


Dave G


a proud Dad is the best feeling in the world… (same as proud Mum)

i was in the music biz for many years and you can tell Charlotte … ‘she is ****ing special’ !!

tell them all to keep it up, stay grounded and keep loyal as they are nothing without each other

they get my vote

Thanks a lot Salee, I’ll be sure to get Nick to pass that on, I know Charlotte will appreciate it

…And thanks for the vote

Lovely Jubbly…Chest out and back straight !!

To right ya proud…

Same feeings here for a good few reasons too !!

All the best !

Thanks But did you vote?

loving that - very cool…!


I have just been back and voted !

my pleasure !

You’re a star Thanks

Do you think Mattcbf600 did?

Probably more than once !!

This is Matts fortay…Hes the kiddie for all this Media/ Broadcasting politics !!

Zatso? Please tell me more? Should I suck up big time?

No need mate…hes always about for a chat, diamond geeza and all that cobblers !

I’m impressed mate. Sounded great. Vote done.

Guitar work great - vocalist reminds me of Wendy James - have voted

aaaaagggghhhh no…not Wendy James!!!..

as long as Charlotte dont act like Wendy James she will have the opportunity to go far !

(when she used to be at our studio she was a horrid little madam…and she sometimes used to wear no knickers on stage!..and if you have to resort to that rather than on voice and persona…well its all gone pear-shaped)

No knickers - well thats added to my teenage memories

I shall advise Nick to check the rest of the band for underwear before all gigs

i’ll put something in your stew to help you forget…LOL

its for the best…

Thanks a lot for that Salee, given your posting elewhere about today having been scheduled for your wedding, it’s very magnanimous of you

I’ll see if I can book 6 Days for your wedding next year

owww bless your heart mate…

and until i read that again and again… and then read it again…

i thought you meant that my wedding was gonna take 6 days to book off your work…ha ha ha

well the way me and Ty like a party you may need too

and thanks for the offer…but they buy their own flight tickets to the Bahamas ok