So I gather there are a few PC gamers here. Does anyone else use Xfire? - http://www.xfire.com/

It’s a popular messenger for gamers as it lets you communicate without coming out of whatever game you’re in. At the same time, it knows which games you’re playing and tells everyone else which server you’re on. So if you’re playing TF2, a friend can click your name and click a button and it starts TF2 and connects to the server they are on.

At the same time it measures how long you play each game, see my profile for example - http://www.xfire.com/profile/mcbainofcof/

You can make little groups, so if anyone else on LB has it, we could start an LB group up…

xfire , animal1112003

Just a little bump for any other PC gamers out there -


There’s a LondonBikers group now :slight_smile: