xbox and xbox 360 stuff

For sale,

3 xbox games, halo2, ssx3 and call of duty 3(not in original box)

Xbox 360
Wireless controller few makrs, with plug and play kit
64mb memory card
head set offical on not wireless though
and Chrome Silver dvd Bezel

I’m open to offers on all if it as is no use to me, let me know the worst I’m going to say is no.

i am just after the xbox360 console itself. and i hope its not chipped or unlocked. pm me your price plz.

got mine chipped, so need another one to play online sometimes. thanks

There seems to be come confusion there is no 360 for sale just the bits listed below.

The Sleeper

where did you get it chipped? and is it OK?

Look for a guy called Wayne from xbox 360 mods i think there called. there pretty good for that stuff, i think there in the praise or shame section :slight_smile:

a friend did it for me, i can forward his details to you if you want.

and it works great, especially when you can burn your own disc. :smiley:

downside is you might get your xbox banned from xbox live if they caught you playing online. even you are playing genuine copy.