Xbox 360


Bought this xbox 360 from a gumtree’r recently. It was a new unit supplied from Microsoft after his went kaput.

Anyway, he flashed it immediately and put it up for sale. And I bought it. I used it maybe 20 times and now I just don’t think I’ll use it again! Think it’s a typical ‘core’, white xbox 360.

Backed up games include:

saints row 2, gta 4, street fighter 4, prototype, bionic commando? afro samurai, pes 2009, fifa 2009, wolverine, cod 4, red faction: geurilla and maybe a couple more.

1 Controller supplied with monitor lead and power plug thing.

Would look for £80 by itself or £120 with a 120gb hard drive included (approx 3 weeks old - cost me lots more :frowning: ) Can be seen working, not a problem, plays fine and havent had any problems with it.

Revised price for quick sale.


this still for sale?

I think I have another person interested but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Still available but earmarked shall we say.

I’ll PM you if I haven’t heard anything back bu sunday evening

sold sold SOLD!:slight_smile:

Thanks Greg:D