Xbox 360

Hi all, I have an xbox 360 forsale. its the premium one with hard risk / head set and wireless controller.

i have 3 games included with it; Far cry, Skate 2 and crackdown

Im after £120.

i would keep it but my boots now have holes in the front of them and need replacing more than i need videogames!

£100 without any games?

I’d imagine you could part with those games at £5 each so would only be £5 shy of what you’re after…in a sense. :slight_smile:

as stated - i have 3 games included with it. :slight_smile:

Fair doos, I’ll pass then. :cool:

oh wait is that an offer? i thought you were questioning the add.

yes 100 for the console is fine by me if you want it!:slight_smile:

sorry pal!

pm’d you mate.