XBOX 360 Controllers for the one armed gamesters

As I am now deficient in the arm department I have come across a problem whilst playing on the xbox 360. The controllers are obviously designed for people with two arms, so I’m getting beat by my 5 yr old son at every game we play. I obviously cannot allow this sorry state of affairs to continue, so I was wondering whether anyone on here has any knowledge of some specially adapted controllers for the 360 for the one armed gamer. I did search google prior to posting, but with my limited googling ability I could only find disabled adapters with larger than normal buttons, or which allowed someone else to take over some of the functions for you.

Thanks in advance

john,Had a quick poke around the internet and came across this, would offer to help design it but er you should see some of my electronic untriumphs from the past.

I will continue looking though my freind (as I was actually thinking about this the other day). the one where this came from

get hot on the dancefloor and buy games that you can use the dance mat with, lol

i don’t think it would be fair to inflict that on my family:)