Xaus is in the house

I love this picture



quality :smiley:

big chap too so gives me inspiration (height that is)

Agreed a quality picture

Reminds me of how i look riding mine;)

Clearly those 3 riders will never win ****.

I mean everyone knows that to be fast you have have your head on the tank etc, just like the journos and CSS instructors.

The Misano WSB meeting was the same weekend as Assen MotoGP.

IMO the WSB racing was a cut above the premier class that weekend.

You gotta love his style:D

It’s taken a while for Ruben to lose the Win or Bin tag and I think he’s matured into a fine rider worthy of a world championship pretty soon:cool:

sweet shot indeed, one for the Xaus family to put on the wall for sure. And DP, it is a very fair comment what you say about riding position, very few riders have a text book style - they all look different. Just how it should be really.

I can see a bit of Whitham and a bit of Rymer in his style there:cool:

I’ve met Ruben on several occasions, he’s a great bloke. You can tell he really enjoys racing bikes.

I hope the BMW thing works out for him.

you love that man pete!

I’ve been rumbled! :frowning: