X11 rebuild

I’ve finally got round to stripping my bike. :w00t: For those of you who are REALLY bored I thought I’d post pictures of the progress. The first picture is not for those of a nervous disposition :wink:

Prepping the Plastics and tank took a whole day…Quite a few dents and scratches to remove.

Primed last night for the second time. I think after a couple of hours gently caressing them with some 600grit they’ll be ready for colour. I have Ruth’s 675R panel to finish too, and that has to take priority as she want’s it back to hurl down the road again by the weekend. There is other painting to do, but that needs to go into the shot blasting booth first.

Good work that man

I wonder how many people have RM mech trays in their garage :ermm:

10:10 for yours complete with a destination ticket

LOL!!! :laugh:

i do find the images quite disturbing at this stage, but i’m watching a lot of wheeler dealer at the moment and as long as you post the final result i’ll be a happy bunny :laugh:

Put the kettle on son I will be passing shortly

Photos through the toxic haze in my spray room.

That looks proper Country Buses

That looks like green :blink:

Exactly the colour I was after :slight_smile:

It got something of the familiar about it that green … I think I know it from somewhere :Whistling:

Close…:wink: but which manufacturer used the green Ive chosen?

the royal army? :laugh:

Well if it’s not Hayter (by appointment ) it must be ATCO … you wouldn’t put any qualast green on your bike .

The Suffolk Punch made it to the final three

Prone to rot those , welded a few back together :laugh:

You weren’t kidding…almost British racing green.
Need a better camera, or stop sniffing the thinners :smiley:

Did that used to be your beautiful blue bike? Fair play to you, I am looking forward to the end result.

Update: I commissioned the shot blasting room today. This is the X11 forks, before and after. Didn’t take long, and the fork on the right is ready for primer :slight_smile:

Awesome to see. The X11 is one of the most under rated bikes around. Lovely colour too! BRG clone!