X-Ring or O-Ring

Need to order a new chain and sprocket…

The great question is what do I go for on the blade?

Currently have standard front sprocket and 47 on the back… (that’s how it was when I purchased the bike last year)

But do I go X-Ring or O-Ring for the chain…and what manufacturer for chain/sprocket?

I see/hear DID is good…what are my other options?

Thanks in advance

As with most things…

It all depends on how much you want to spend.

DID X-ring with anodised sprockets (“Gold”) are the bees
and that could be why they cost more :smiley:

If you want cheaper then… O ring and steel sprockets

If you want really expensive buy the Honda parts but
they are probably DID anyway :w00t:

O ring will be fine, Xring will be better. as far as I know of them anyway.

I use AFAM XS-ring Chains & I also have a Scottoiler & every week clean & oil up the chain & it lasts me a year easily @5oo miles a week

I also suppose if you want the pose value DID Xring is the way to go

DID X ring is what I’ve always been told to use :slight_smile:

DID Xring and gold Renthal sprockets, naturally.

Got a DID X-Ring from here, does the job…


struggling to find x ring did with 47 on the rear… pointers anyone?

Just email recycle with a request and they will change the rear sprocket for the size you need. Worked for me.