x box advice needed

My brotehr has got an X box and we play the new brotehrs in arms game 2 player split screen mode. Is there a way to connect 1 Xbox to 2 tele’s so that we can get a screen each rather than having to get close to the screen to see who we are actually controlling?



Fug off!

Terry i have just had a good look on a few of the tech sites 4 Xbox and can’t find anything on connecting 2 tv’s to 1 Xbox, got a geek mate at work who may know so i will ask him tommorow. Will post if i find anything for you, ok.

Nice one cheers mate.

I am pretty sure its 1 xbox per TV and then you will have to connect them together… network style…

Yep your spot on there GoF im afriad, would be nice to hook up two telly’s to one Box.

you can def only connect 1 box per tv then link 2 box’s for multiplay…