wye valley

Hi All
planning a day out round the wye valley where Ive never been before have planned this route

any tips or bits to avoid would be much appreciated

Slightly longer trip but at Monmouth you could go Northwest on the B437 to Garway Hill and on to Hay-on-Wye, then back via Hereford and Ross-on-Wye…you won’t be disappointed…


I grew up in Monmouth, and go back there regularly … taking a few bikers too :slight_smile:

I usually enjoy going through the Forest of Dean … and usually take the 44136 through Little London etc. There’s some great views up there, and some nice forest sections. Some nice twisty bits going into Monmouth too, though stay alert for some tight corners towards the end of the run. Just don’t miss the turn off and go up to Ross on Wye … those twisties aren’t so fun.

Lots of nice bits around Symonds Yat, and be sure to park the bike near the top of Yat Rock and have a view. Down below are some nice bar/restaurants on the river.

The main road from Monmouth to Chepstow is nice, with a quick stop in Tintern Abbey. The B4293 through Llanishen is quieter and better as a biking road, but you’ll miss out on a few views - so probably best to stick to the route you have … this time :wink:

There’s loads more to see, and some great roads … I’m still finding them for myself when I go back there on the bike.

Other thing to watch out for are the deer - I’ve been hearing of more accidents lately from them, both bike and car.

I’ve only done the road back through Fairford back once, and it was nice, though went through quite a few slow little villages etc. It took me longer than I expected so ended up diving off to the M4 to get back.