For those with mole like sight:

Oh my god the grin factor is true: translated to: I had an awesome trip to work and back yesterday. So much so, I did it again today! It really has stuck a grin on my face everytime I’ve ridden KaTie - get it? :smiley:

Cornering is soo much quicker and easier to get the power down all through the corner at a mere 100% full throttle :cool:

Looking forward to sorting the rear suspension to be able to let me ride her fully. Tyre is rubbing exhaust! FATTY!

AvonPXR tyre fitted and run in today :wink:

Thanks to those who said “get one” I did and im not regretting it!

Thats it… last straw…

I’ve had enough of reading/listening to you about this bike, i’m getting on it, and having a go :smiley:

You wana get on a proper moto Mel, then you’ll see what Lewis is missing out on :smiley:

The thing is Mel these proper Moto’s, so they call em seem to be a myth, you never see em…you got Dhofty’s & Asbo’s that probably aint seen the road in the last 6 months :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a go on PupMoto’s :slight_smile:

Proper SuMos are ridden by Hermunen, Chareyre, VdB etc.


Or when you can ride the wheels off your blade you could chance riding the ultimate SM!:cool:

dont do it mel you’ll never go back :smiley:

:smiley: been grinning reading this thread :smiley:

almost 6 months:laugh: if me and asbo turn up on our bikes it will only make you lot cry into you hot chocolate because you never got a exc:P

If this makes you grin, wait till you ride a real bike! You’ll giggle yo-mutha-fuggin-a$$-off!:smiley:

Key word there :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Mine was on the road 2 weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue: Then i cracked the engine :w00t:

Wait till next year and im back with another one with 80+ days leave, oh and ive been promoted so will be getting posted into a full screw slot which means better chance of a UK posting then you’ll have more of me :wink:

Its gona be like a woman waiting to give birth before you’ll be seeing me… im not gona be about for around 9 months. But when i am back you’ll see the birth of a real motard looking like no other :cool: and not quite as invisable as my last one :hehe:

I think Asbo’s all talk!

Yeah me too, you can chuck that Mad-Dog and Sipermoto in there too!:stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’ve been beaten to that one matey!:smiley:

You talk more than he does!


Just you wait you :stuck_out_tongue:

I just need to breed the superduke im getting with another and then the baby will be born :w00t:

Yeah but im gona sneak some shiny new stickers on ‘that bike’ :laugh: